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Shadow Battle APK Download

Shadow Battle APK Download – Free Action GAME The SHADOW compel has undermined our Universe by its wetness control, all living things are secured under its impact. The spirits of the most effective saints have been fixed inside the mysterious ancient rarity called Cube.Shadow Battle APK Download

Just you – the Commander – can free the detained legends, lead the pack and battle against the SHADOW to take peace back to the Universe.

Shadow Battle APK Download

File Size: 84MB


[maxbutton id=”3″ url=”https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.shadow.battle.superhero” ]

[maxbutton id=”3″ url=”https://download.apkpure.com/b/apk/Y29tLnNoYWRvdy5iYXR0bGUuc3VwZXJoZXJvXzI2MV80YjQ5ODliZA?_fn=U2hhZG93IEJhdHRsZSAyIDJfdjIuMi4xMV9hcGtwdXJlLmNvbS5hcGs&k=ecbe849780e0c20c61c5d74edbb26fcd5b05138c&as=25d730d8bcfa3bd2419438de185c272d5b027104&_p=Y29tLnNoYWRvdy5iYXR0bGUuc3VwZXJoZXJv&c=2%7CGAME_ACTION%7CZGV2PUJsYWNraG9sZSUyMFN0dWRpbyZ2bj0yLjIuMTEmdmM9MjYx” ]

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