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King’s Raid APK Download

Ruler’s Raid APK Download Raid Battle the world has been sitting tight for! More than 5 million players around the world! Continuous 3D fight RPG!King's Raid APK Download

About King’s Raid – Epic Raid Battles Real-time Raid fight with max 9 saints! World Boss! Society Raid! Test Raid! Annihilation transcending Bosses!

King’s Raid APK Download

File Size: 90MB


[maxbutton id=”3″ url=”https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.vespainteractive.KingsRaid” ]

[maxbutton id=”3″ url=”https://download.apkpure.com/b/apk/Y29tLnZlc3BhaW50ZXJhY3RpdmUuS2luZ3NSYWlkXzIxMDAwMDFfZTNhNzRjNGM?_fn=S2luZyBzIFJhaWRfdjIuMTAwLjFfYXBrcHVyZS5jb20uYXBr&k=4fe8da3e00c5e67a3c622066392d646d5b051a0a&as=3e53f39205ac2e721cfdfc7d1d3f3b615b027782&_p=Y29tLnZlc3BhaW50ZXJhY3RpdmUuS2luZ3NSYWlk&c=2%7CGAME_ROLE_PLAYING%7CZGV2PVZlc3BhJTIwSW5jLiZ2bj0yLjEwMC4xJnZjPTIxMDAwMDE” ]

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