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Download WebCacheImageInfo Free realize all antecedently opened or searched pictures that square measure hold on within the information of your browser cache.Download WebCacheImageInfo Free

With this tool you’ll be able to restore all pictures from the cache of your browser. WebCacheImageInfo uses EXIF to recover your pictures from the cache, therefore you’ll be able to recover any necessary image that was lost throughout the previous scan.

WebCacheImageInfo not solely restores the photos you have opened, it additionally displays the photographs you have simply seen on the online, and you’ll be able to restore any image in JPEG format.

It works with:

Windows XP / view / view sixty four bit / 7/7 sixty four bit / 8/8 sixty four bit / 2008.

Version: WebCacheImageInfo one.22

Download and Source:

Download WebCacheImageInfo Free

File Size: 8 MB

Price: Free


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