Download Mobile Packages 3G, SMS & Call App Free

Download Mobile Packages 3G, SMS & Call App Free

There are many mobile package applications on the market, but this is one of the best mobile applications to verify Sim data packets. Most of us do not remember the subscription code, so this application is specifically designed for all types of mobile device users who use SIM and want different active packages. It is very easy to use the application, the design of this application is very easy to use, anyone can use this application very easily and activate any data packet, SMS or phone calls.

Download Mobile Packages 3G, SMS & Call App Free

You can use your phones in two different ways: one is roaming on your prepaid SIM card or paying by mail for a SIM card. Here we talk about the SMS application, data packets and calls.

There are many applications for UK 3G Sims, but unfortunately this application is intended for Pakistani users. You do not have to write and dial codes on your phone, just click on the “Activate” button and it will move to the phone’s dialing screen. Then you just have to click on the “Call” button and your relevant request will be sent to the network and you will soon receive the packet activation.

What is included in this application:

3G, SMS and call packages from Telenor 2018
3G, SMS and Ufone 2018 call packets
4G packages, SMS and calls from Warid 2018
3G, SMS and Zong 2018 call packages
3G, SMS and call packages from Mobilink Jazz 2018

Main features of this application:

Simple user interface
Supports all types of mobile phones and tablets with Android
It has a very simple and elegant design
Friendly application with the battery and very efficient

Download Mobile Packages 3G, SMS & Call App

File Size: 1.13MB

Price: Free

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