Download Kids Web Menu 1.5 Free


Download youngsters net Menu one.5 Free during this software package, a multi-site interface provides a menu for teenagers to navigate the web with the sole websites that relate to youngsters and contain no unacceptable content for youngsters.Download Kids Web Menu 1.5 Free

Basically, the software package is parental management software package that enables youngsters to surf the web with security and protection from harmful content and to relinquish them solely content that relates to youngsters.

Kids net Menu one.5 Free transfer is conferred by

It works with:

Windows XP • Windows prospect • Windows prospect 64-bit • Windows seven • Windows seven 64-bit • Windows eight • Windows eight 64-bit • Windows ten • Windows ten 64-bit Windows XP 64-bit.

Download Kids Web Menu 1.5 Free

File Size: 28.28MB

Price: Free


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