Download Easy Go Back 2.5 Free


Download simple return two.5 Free it’s and supplement for your web individual that uses gestures to travel back to your web content rather than clicking on the rear arrow or pressing the rear button to come back the page.Download Easy Go Back 2.5 Free

The basic purpose for the event of this add-on is to alter the user to viability, since this add-on avoids the turning back and may be simply performed with the mouse movement, you’ll solely come back to the previous page in your browser.

Easy package return two.5 Free transfer is bestowed by

It works with:

Windows XP • Windows prospect • Windows prospect 64-bit • Windows seven • Windows seven 64-bit • Windows eight • Windows eight 64-bit • Windows ten • Windows ten 64-bit Windows XP 64-bit.

Download Easy Go Back 2.5 Free

File Size: 526KB

Price: Free


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