Download Admin Site Responsive Template


Download Admin Site Responsive Template Kenny Admin is a WebApp format for administrator dashboards and control boards dashboard. It is a responsive HTML layout that depends on the CSS Sass system Bootstrap 3.3.6Download Admin Site Responsive Template

It uses the majority of the Bootstrap segments in its plan and re-styles numerous normally utilized modules to make a reliable outline that can be utilized as a UI for backend applications. Kenny Admin depends on a particular plan, which enables it to be effectively altered and based upon.


4 Different Dashboards Ecommerce Pages Included

90+ pages

1000+ textual styles

300+ UI Components

A bundle supervisor for the web.

The javascript assignment sprinter.

Bunches of gadgets Bootstrap

Responsive Layout Plenty of running applications: Calendar, Email, Chat, Weather W3C HTML

Multi-Browser Support

Download Admin Site Responsive Template

File Size: 20 MB

Price: Free

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