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Custom Page Templates v3.0.5

Custom Page Templates v3.0.5 Page layouts are a particular kind of format document that can be connected to a particular page or gatherings of pages. Since a page layout is a particular kind of format document, here are some recognizing. Custom Page Templates v3.0.5

Featured of page layouts:

  • Page layouts are utilized to change the look and feel of a page.
  • A page layout can be connected to a solitary page, a page area, or a class of pages.
  • Page layouts for the most part have an abnormal state of specificity, focusing on an individual page or gathering of pages. For instance, a page format named page-about.php is more particular than the layout records page.php or index.php as it will just influence a page with the slug of “about.”
  • In the event that a page format has a layout name, WordPress clients altering the page have control over what layout will be utilized to render the page.

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