Latest WordPress Theme Development Course

Latest WordPress Theme Development Course

Latest WordPress Theme Development Course will demonstrate to you each and everything about WordPress change using bootstrap from beginner to drive level.

Ensuing to watching this course you will have the ability to make responsive and custom WordPress point. WordPress is the most acclaimed substance organization system essentially in perspective of Mysql and Php.Latest WordPress Theme Development Course

Its customers are growing well ordered. This course will demonstrate to you in what manner may you develop your site using HTML and CSS furthermore how you can use the capacities to start your getting. How you can change over any static site into a dynamic WordPress subject.

Learn in WordPress Theme Development Course:

  • Step by step instructions to Use Custom Fields and Custom Post composes
  • Step by step instructions to change over the static site into dynamic
  • The most effective method to Use Php
  • Site creation with bootstrap

WordPress Theme Development Course
File Size: 70MB
Price: Free

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