Backup Opera 0.2 Free Download


Backup Opera 0.2 Free Download Since the term is used on behalf of this browser tool to create a full backup of your pages and the credentials that you saved in your Opera browser, you can complete the backup.Backup Opera 0.2 Free Download

If you want to store all the data and other information in your browser, you will need to make a backup copy of all searched and saved files in your Opera browser. Then you need to use Backup Opera for this purpose.

It works with:

Windows XP • Windows Vista • Windows Vista 64-bit • Windows 7 • Windows 7 64-bit • Windows 8 • Windows 8 64-bit • Windows 10 • Windows 10 64-bit Windows XP 64-bit.

Download and Source:

Version: Backup Opera 0.2

Backup Opera 0.2 Free Download

File Size: 7MB

Price: Free


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